First Visit

While the initial visit for your child may be stressful, we will do everything possible to calmly explain everything and show them what will be done prior to any procedure- in a child-friendly manner. Please resist the urge to over dramatize a trip to the dentist with your child, often it is the parent’s fears that the children pick up on and get anxious about. Rather, let us explain what is going to happen in a non-threatening dialogue. Some children are not ready to cope with all of the procedures on their first visit, and that’s OK. Each visit allows us to gain the trust of your child and build their confidence.

Parents are welcome to accompany their child during all times at our office, but please remember that this is their visit. Allow us to interact with your child and keep the focus on them during their appointment. We welcome your questions and your own dental experience stories, but try to keep the interaction focused on the child during the appointment. The more the children can perceive a trip to the dentist as a “day at the spa” the better it is for everyone.

If you have been to a dentist previously, please have them forward any digital xrays to us prior to your consultation. If they are not digital, please ask for copies to bring to your appointment. Copies of radiographs are often not diagnostic quality, and Dr. MacKay may determine that one or more need to be retaken. Our office is very sensitive to radiation exposure and will only take the minimum number of xrays necessary for diagnosis and treatment. Our digital system minimizes the exposure to your child exponentially less than the old film xrays that we all grew up with.

Because all of our patients are minors, we respectfully request that a parent or guardian remain on premises during their appointment. We ask that you not drop them off and leave, as we often need to ask a question during appointments and it requires that a parent or guardian be present.