Dental Procedures

At our office we specialize in establishing a relationship with your child and gaining their trust. Unfortunately some young patients are unable to cope with the necessary procedures in a calm and safe manner. If Dr. MacKay determines that your child will be safest and best treated with “sedation” you will be referred to another office that specializes in that procedure.

We welcome special needs patients to our office, when we are able to help. But in order for us to help, your child must be able to cooperate and sit comfortably in the dental chair, as well as be able to communicate effectively with both Dr. MacKay and the staff. We recognize that all children are not yet at the point of being able to do this, and for those, we are not able to be of much help. We will be happy to help assist you in finding an office that is suitable for your child, if we are not the correct office for you.

We do not use nitrous oxide in our office, as we have found that it is rarely necessary in our treatment once we have gained the trust of the child. We also make every attempt to accommodate emergencies that happen, but will refer to an oral surgeon when extractions are necessary. Not only does this ensure that you are receiving the highest quality of care with the most options for relieving anxiety (i.e. sedation) but it also allows us to remain a positive influence on your child’s dental experiences, and not have to worry that they are getting a tooth pulled every time you come to see us.

Please feel free to ask our front desk about any questions or expectations you may have, particularly if you have been referred from a general dentist, as our services may differ from those recommended to you by your previous dentist.